Difference between ERP and Distributed Computing

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  • Feb 22nd, 2007

These are totally two different entities; ERP is an application and Distributed Computing is a framework.  Essentially, the distributed Computing framework is an extrapolation of the 3 tier client server architecture: Database, application and presentation layers.  The database stores information.  The application layer provides the business logic, brokers the inputoutput requests and the presentation layer presents the data via a GUI (program gui, Web-basedbrowser gui).  Each of these layers can run on separate computing systems and communicate via networking technologies and protocols (TCP/IP is the most common protocol).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an application based on the Distributed computing framework which integrates the major functionality of the business enterprise.  You can find out more information at the following sites.

SAP is the major ERP application and the link listed below take you to there ERP help files.

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