What is the functional difference between Winrunner and QTP

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  • Apr 6th, 2006

Hi Anuradha, Win runner also supports webbased tools. By using win runner we conduct web testingRaghu

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  • Apr 18th, 2006


       QTP supports vbscript where as WR supports TSL script

       WR is object-based language where as QTP is object-oriented


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  • May 3rd, 2006

hai ,

i have seen your comment in winrunner testing page.

object based and object oriented concepts are same, then why u r telling like this...  or could u pls explain elaborately..

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  • Jun 29th, 2006


       1)  In QTP it supports dynamic pages where as in winrunner supports static pages only

2)  In QTP we have more check points when compare to winrunner ( eg: XML,Text area check points etc )

3) In QTP we have one more option for recording where as in winrunner having two only (ie : Low Level recording  in QTP)

4) we can call Functions of winrunner in QTP where as in winrunner there is no option for that

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subhra ranjan

  • Sep 15th, 2006

Hello guys

U all are somehow right.There are some difference between WinRunner and QTP like in case of QTP checkpoints are five etc.

WinRunner also supports web based

But the main functional difference is WinRunner doesnt support VB .Net,ASP .Net,C# .Net,SAP etc. But QTP supports all. 

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  • Sep 19th, 2006

hi guys,

         we can divide the script into actions i.e into logical units in QTP but we cannot split the script in winrunner

         we can invoke Winrunner fron DOS promt and schedule but we dont have such option in qtp

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  • Sep 19th, 2006


   .net application can be tested in QTP but u cant test .net appication in winrunner.

   winrunner is based on c but QTP is based on vb.

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  • Mar 16th, 2007

Hi All,

I don't think all object oriented concepts are followed by QTP. Polymorphism doesn't work. To tell you in detail:
If there are two functions with the same name but with different number of arguments, i.e. first function has 2 parameters and the other function has 3 parameters, then it won't be able to recognise the difference between the two functions.


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  • Apr 27th, 2007

1.WinRunner supports HTML pages only.  QTP supports both HTML&XML pages.
 2.WinRunner supports static images.   QTP supports dynamic images also

3. WinRunner supports custom &run time.   QTP does not support custom check record checkrun time record check

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WINRUNNER                                                              QTP

1.it supports only HTML pages                                    it supports both HTML &XML 

2.it maintains different syntax for                               it maintains common syntax for
different check points                                                  any type of check point 

3.it supports only static images                                  it supports both static and
                                                                                    dynamic images

4.it supports custom check and                                  it does not support custom and
run time record check                                                 run time record check

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Ahamed Raja

  • Jun 8th, 2007

I have seen one comment as we can call Winrunner from Qtp but cant call qtp from Winrunner.

But we can. From winrunner8.2 version we can call qtp script from winrunner but qtp version should be more than 6.5. Even we can see the qtp result from the winrunner itself.

Ahamed Raja

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  • Jul 6th, 2007

Even in Latest WinRunner we call the functions of QTP

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  • Sep 3rd, 2007

Major difference is that QTP supports application developed using the leading-edge development environment like Java, .Net and SAP. And When compared to TSL, VB script used to program in QTP is easy.

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  • Nov 16th, 2007

Object-based and Object Oriented both are same. Dont give wrong answer please.

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  • Feb 8th, 2008

Hi friends

QTP supports dynamic objects,but winrunner does't support.,winrunner 8.0 supports .net applications also.

and the main difference i think is Run time settings.

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