What is the difference between org_id and organization_id?

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  • Mar 3rd, 2006

 org_id is at operating unit level and organization_id is at inventory level in Multiorganization setup.

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OrgId: Org Id is an unique ID for the Operating Unit.

Organisation Id: The Organisation Id is an ID for the Inventory Organisation which is under an Operating Unit.

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Sreekanth Reddy

  • Nov 19th, 2014

Organization_id represents Inventory organization id
org_id represents operating unit id

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  • Mar 15th, 2015

org_id contains the -all ex:-po_headers_all and organization doesnt contains -all :--mtl_system_items_b

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varun kumar

  • Jun 19th, 2015

1) Org-ID comes under Operating UNIT level,
Organization_id comes under Inventory Level.
2) Base table for Org_id is hr_operating_units,
Base table for Organization_id is Mtl_perameters.
3) Org_id involves in PO,OM,AP,AR....,
Organization_id involves in INV, BOM, WIP..

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