Difference between datagrid and datareader?

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  • Jul 6th, 2005

data grid is used display the data with sorting and paging features  
where as dataerader is used to store the result of an executed query from the database(keeps result with it)..


  • Oct 7th, 2005

A datagrid is a simple server control to which data from a datsourcecan be binded.whereas a datareader is a a forward only stream of data from the data source that holds reference to one record at any given time


  • Jul 20th, 2007

Datagrid populates the data fetched from the database through a data reader object.

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Data grid is a control used to bind data from database. but data reader is an object used to read data from database.

Data reader is read only means it only reads data from database & it doesn't support any manipulations to database. After reading data from database through data reader, we can bind that data to data grid control.

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