Quiz FAQ

Who can use online geekinterview online quiz?
This testing quiz is designed for all those who wish improve their effectiveness and efficiency to prepare for interviews and certification exams.

Can everyone take a test?
All registered members can take a test absolutely free. Incase you are not a registered members, You can still take the test, by entering your email address. However, you will not have access to all the features. Register Free If you don't have an account yet, you can now Get Listed In The Experts Directory signing up. This will give you fully access to all the questions, forums, news articles, and other features of the site.

When I restart / retake a test, I am not able to see any questions, why? 
you may need to close your browser and open it again afresh.

Can I take the test again?
You can login and re-take the test at any time.
Note: Please Do not refresh or back page, if you do, you will loose your test session and need to start from beginning.

Can I see correct answers?
Yes at the end of each test your performance will be analyzed and correct and wrong answers will be shown to you.


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