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 Java Swing Practice Test

Java Swing Practice Test

"Swing" refers to the new library of GUI controls in Java.   
It is the Java graphical user interface (GUI) toolkit which is built on earlier Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) libraries.   
Swing, replaces the old Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) controls. 
Java Swing is a part of the Java Foundation Classes (JFCs).
Java Swing Practice Test contains and covers Java Swing based questions. 
The test will include multiple choice scenario-based questions and fill-in questions.

Java Swing Practice Test contains 60 questions. 
Each attempt you can answer 30 questions in random.
While taking the test, you have the option to mark a question for review, if you are not sure about your answer.
After you finish the questions, you will see the review page and score sheet.

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NOTE: In order to get correct result, please start only one quiz at a time, finish the quiz and then take another quiz.
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Quiz Bank:60 Questions
Skill Mode:30 Questions
Time Allowed:30 Minutes
Tests Taken:2101

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Top Score:100%
Time Taken:5.07 Minutes


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