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 Data Structures Practice Test

Data Structures Practice Test

A data structure is an actual implementation of a particular abstract data type.  Data Structure ensures
information is organised in memory and thus provides better efficiency.  In this quiz, the following
chapters have been covered - Memory, Abstract Data Types, and Addresses, Variables and Pointers, Array, Stacks using an array, Queues Using an Array, Linked List, Stacks using Linked List, Queues using Linked List, Stacks and Queues: Insert, Delete, Peek, Find, Tree and Hash Table.

There are 148 questions in this test and you do not have a time limit. Each attempt you can answer 20 questions in random. While taking the test, you have the option to mark a question for review, if you are not sure about your answer. After you finish the questions, you will see the review page and score sheet.

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NOTE: In order to get correct result, please start only one quiz at a time, finish the quiz and then take another quiz.
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Quiz Bank:148 Questions
Skill Mode:30 Questions
Time Allowed:30 Minutes
Tests Taken:3556

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Top Score:90%
Time Taken:18.63 Minutes


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