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Microsoft ASP.NET Advanced Quiz

ASP.NET is part of a whole suite of applications and user interfaces that are packed under the banner of Visual Studio.NET. The suite includes the .NET Framework; user interfaces like Windows forms, ASP.NET and Compact framework; Official languages like C#, J# and Visual Basic.NET; Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Visual Studio.NET. allows the developer to build applications faster. 

This is achieved due to the fact that makes  use of the rich class libraries provided by Microsoft.  net framework. is based on the .NET  framework for building web applications. Since is a part of the Microsoft. NET Framework it has the  ability to take advantage of rich class libraries provided by Microsoft.

ASP.NET Quiz Advanced contains and covers ASP.NET Questions related to web control, table control, program logic, style information, normal postback, windows authentication, gridview, cookies, session, debug, event log file and related topics.

This test useful for ASP.NET advanced learners who would like to get themselves assessed on their level of profeciency.  There are 30 questions in ASP.NET Quiz test.  Each attempt you can answer 30 questions in random. While taking the test, you have the option to mark a question for review, if you are not sure about your answer. There is no time limit to complete this test.

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NOTE: In order to get correct result, please start only one quiz at a time, finish the quiz and then take another quiz.
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