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    Super Wifi

    Wifi is a great innovation on wireless communication. Wifi can help you use your laptop or desktop computer to send and receive data to the internet. Many people have been using wifi for years, however newer computers and wifi hot spots have made this technology much more accessible and extremely convenient to log onto the internet from your lap top computer. Here are some tips.

    In order to receive and send data to the internet you will need a wifi card and be able to log onto a wifi hotspot. A wife hot spot is a gateway to the internet. A wifi card is either built into your laptop computer or can be added to your laptop for you to instantly receive and send data from the internet as long as you are within range of a wifi hotspot.

    Wifi hotspots are very easy to find and are popping up in lots of busy commercial districts, residential communities and even rural areas. There are even plans for major cities to implement wifi hotspots throughout the city in order for their residents to receive wireless access to the internet. So if you are looking for a great technology that can help you send and receive information, look into wifi.

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    Re: Super Wifi

    So if what I understand is correct, wifi is also like a cellphone wherein there must be a good signal in order for the internet connection to be activated. Is that correct?

    From what I know, there are also some small satellite disk that can be used to connect a laptop to the internet. What is the difference between them? Or are they the same?

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