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Thread: Check points in functions

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    Check points in functions

    Suppose we have written an output check point in a function. Now i want to call that function in another script and get the output through that output check point. The error message says that the output check point is not present in the object repositary. So how can we add that in object repository?

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    Re: Check points in functions

    There also u follow the same procedure. See the sample code

    Function addition(x,y)
    z= x+y
    msgbox z
    End Function

    Call addition(1,2)
    Call addition(2,2)


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    Re: Check points in functions


    Before calling that function in another script you have to load that particular object repository into it. Then it will dont show you any error.

    Arunsingh Rajaputra

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    Re: Check points in functions

    Nandana, which version of QTP are you using?

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