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Thread: Testing a Loan Processing Appication for a bank.....

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    Testing a Loan Processing Appication for a bank.....

    Hi All,

    I need to test a loan processing application for a bank..If the application is new the application will be processed else it is rejected.
    If the application is new then the application needs to be approved by 3 officers.Its mandatory that the 3 level of managers should accept the application.I need to test the functionality of application using QTP.Could anyone plz help me out?


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    Re: Testing a Loan Processing Appication for a bank.....

    This is a very broad question. It would be much easier and trust me you would get more replies if you could somehow narrow it down.

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    Re: Testing a Loan Processing Appication for a bank.....

    Hope you have heard of maker-checker process used in banking
    A maker can only make a loan
    and a checker can only approve the loan made by the maker (and in some cases can approve the loan made by himself )
    the admin should define the user profiles/roles

    there fore there is a need to log in into the application as two (or more if needed) different users according to the integrity maintained in the data base

    hope you would be able to derive few scenarios according to your requirements


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