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Thread: how to benchmark

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    Question how to benchmark

    how will i benchmark my product if there is no any competetor product in market.
    or if i am testing a product which is the new one(very first) in the market launched by my company

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    Re: how to benchmark

    Generally benchmarking is set by comparing with the competitors who are doing similar kind of business in the market. If you are going to Test a product which is new one in the market and there were no similar products tested either by your same company or any of the competitors then you have to set the Benchmark on your own. This can be achieved by gathering of Data. You have to gather the data for different set of actions. Suppose you want to come to a conclusion for the time taken for Execution of a Complex test case, then you have to take the average timeline taken for the execution of the complex test cases. For guaging complexity you should take the total no. of steps, time line involved, interaction with databases, checkpoints etc.,

    Collection of Data forms the major criteria for fixing the Benchmark. You have to record all the time line required for each and every course of action and then derive at a figure (may be Mean or Median) which can be set as a Benchmark.

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