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Thread: Data driven testing in WinRunner

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    Data driven testing in WinRunner

    How to use the feature of data driven testing in WinRunner?

    I have started to work my hand on WinRunner. Unable to manupilate the GUI Map Editor. Any help Please

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    Re: Data driven testing in WinRunner


    Data-Driven testing in WR is generally carried out using the DDT statements.

    You can use Data-driver wizard available in Winrunner incase you are not comfortable scripting the same. Here is how it works -

    let us say you have an External Excel sheet containing 2 columns UserName and Password.

    These 2 column values are used in your script as well -

    Select the lines of script you wish to paramterize. Go to Data Driven Wizard.
    You shall be prompted to select the Data file. Select the path of the Excel file.
    You shall be prompted if you wish to paramterize all values at once or One-by-one. Select one by one.

    WR shall display all possible values that can be parameterized. I mean all hard-coded values. Select UserName and Password and select the associated Excel columns. Click Finish.

    You shall find commands like ddt_open("C:\abcd.xls");
    ddt_fetch, ddt_next_row etc in your code.

    Do let me know incase you face issues in doing the same...


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    Re: Data driven testing in WinRunner

    how to replace a value of variable in XML

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