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Thread: Black Box Testing Estimation

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    Black Box Testing Estimation

    Can we do the estimation for the black box testing?If yes,then how is it?

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    Re: Black Box Testing Estimation

    Generally testing never ends, as per estimation task, you can estimate for positive testing, not for negative testing.More depend on application and your developers, how they develop (with how many bugs in every build?)

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    Re: Black Box Testing Estimation

    When you say "estimation for the black box testing" ,what exactly are you talking about?Do you want an estimation on time allocated to testing/budget/number of test cases...???

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    Re: Black Box Testing Estimation


    Yes it possible to estimate Black Box testing but the answer would entirely depend on the Black Box testing techinque you are referring to.

    Based on the same, we could estimate in terms of Time, Effort and Cost.


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    Re: Black Box Testing Estimation

    Hi Ajit,

    For all the Testing activities when the test plan is prepared itself it is estimated. Same is for Black box testing also. Once the Requirement gathering is done Test Plan is prepared. In the Test plan there will be a column indicating the Estimation. But the estimation can be subject to change based on the quality and the depth of the application and the change in requiremnets.

    Estimation are calculated based on the below factors:

    - the Complexity of the Application to be tested,
    - The Application domain such as Insurance, or Banking or Retail etc.,
    - Based on the Time, Budget and Effort.
    - The software and hardware requirements used
    - The data base connectivity
    - The team going to involve in the testing.

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