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Thread: requset for answer

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    requset for answer

    1. how to integrated php to xml.
    2. how to use in xsl,css in php.

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    Re: requset for answer

    You can use css as below in php.
    echo '';

    echo '';

    For using xsl, you can use Saxon XSLT Processor as below:
    1. Install the JavaBridge for PHP

    2. Download the freeware (B) Saxon distribution from

    3. Put the jar files in a directory whre you have access

    4. Use this sample of code

    // Directory where the jar files are located
    define("SAXON_DIR", $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/saxonb8.9.0/");

    // include the jars

    $sXslFile = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/myfirst.xsl"; // The xsl file
    $sXmlFile = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/myfirst.xml"; // The xml file

    $oXslSource = new java("", "file://".$sXslFile);
    $oXmlSource = new java("", "file://".$sXmlFile);

    $oFeatureKeys = new JavaClass("net.sf.saxon.FeatureKeys");

    // Create the Factory
    $oTransformerFactory = new java("net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl");

    //Disable source document validation
    $oTransformerFactory->setAttribute($oFeatureKeys->SCHEMA_VALIDATION, 4);

    // Create a new Transformer
    $oTransFormer = $oTransformerFactory->newTransformer($oXslSource);

    // Create a StreamResult to store the output
    $oResultStringWriter = new java("");
    $oResultStream = new java("", $oResultStringWriter);

    // Transform
    $oTransFormer->transform($oXmlSource, $oResultStream);

    // Echo the output from the transformation
    echo java_cast($oResultStringWriter->toString(), "string");

    catch(JavaException $e){
    echo java_cast($e->getCause()->toString(), "string");

    5. Enjoy

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    Re: requset for answer

    Please find the details here.

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    Re: requset for answer

    hi i me

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