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Thread: Calling QTP Script

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    Calling QTP Script

    How to call the QTP script from one action to another action (I want to script for this)

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    Re: Calling QTP Script

    RunAction runs the specified action in the test.

    Before you can use the RunAction statement in the Expert View for an external action, you must first call or copy the external action into your test by choosing Insert > Copy of Action or Call to Action. If the external action does not exist in your test, the RunAction statement is not recognized.

    RunAction ActionName, [Iteration , Parameters]

    Iteration means the number of time it should be executed

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    Re: Calling QTP Script

    In one way we can call an action by using "Call to Existing Action" which is present in Insert ->select Call to Existing Action and Select the action which we want to call.

    In two ways we can call an action
    1) Call to copy of Action.
    2) Call to Existing Action.
    In the above 2 methods,in calling action a statment will appear as Runaction.Action Name.IterationNumber

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