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Thread: November 07: Member of the Month

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    November 07: Member of the Month

    Dear Members,

    We are happy to announce member of the month for November 2007.

    The award for member of the month November 2007 goes to bizzzzzare.

    Contributors for the month of November 2007 goes to debasisdas, sridharrganesan, susarlasireesha, ravi_kumar_garre, rajakumar_na, anshoo_arora

    In the context of being the winners of the month we would like to add few words about our winners.
    • bizzzzzare member since Oct 2007, QA Consultant from Mumbai and likes Sports and Travelling. View Profile
    • ravi kumar garre member since Sep 2007, Database Expert from Mumbai and likes Reading Books and Cycling. View Profile
    • rajakumar na member since Nob 2007, Oracle Expert from Chennai and likes watching and playing Cricket. View Profile
    • anshoo arora member since Oct 2007, Quality Assurance specialist from Norcross, GA and likes Driving. View Profile
    • sridharrganesan member since Sep 2007. Test Team Lead from Chennai, India. Interested in Reading. View Profile
    • debasisdas, Moderator for Databases and Software Development forums, member since June 2007, Oracle Expert, moderator of Database, Career Enhancement, Working as Sr. Software Engineer, Hyderabad, India. His interests include Photography, Browsing, Reading. View Profile
    • susarlasireesha member sinceApril 2007, Oracle Expert from AP, interested in searching sitesView Profile
    Congratulations to winners, each of them will get surprise gift.

    Winners, Please log on and use Contact Us Form to send us your mailing / contact address to ship the gift.


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    Re: November 07: Member of the Month

    Congrats To debasisdas, sridharrganesan, ravi_kumar_garre, rajakumar_na, anshoo_arora,bizzzzzare

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    Re: November 07: Member of the Month

    Congrats to bizzzzzare for getting the Member of the Month for November 2007. His answers to all the threads were really nice and his efforts was really appreciated by this award.

    Also congrats for all the contributors debasisdas, susarlasireesha, ravi_kumar_garre, rajakumar_na and anshoo_arora

    It is a pleasant surprise for me to get the Award consecutively for the second time.

    Ganesan R

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    Re: November 07: Member of the Month


    Congratulations to Sridhar, debasisdas, susarlasireesha, ravi_kumar_garre, rajakumar_na, anshoo_arora.

    I am really thankful for having being nominated for this award. Having Members like Sridhar and Brijesh helped me improve my quality of posts.

    Shall ensure contributing even further to this Wonderful forum.


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    Re: November 07: Member of the Month

    Congratulations to all the contributing winners. You guys have really made this forum one of the best in the business. Hope you all share your knowledge and experience and contribute to the forum.

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    Re: November 07: Member of the Month



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