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Thread: Thread testing

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    Thread testing

    Can anyone explain the concept of Thread Testing ? When and in what scanario it is used ?

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    Re: Thread testing

    Thread testing is used during the early stages of the integration testing. Thread testing is an approach where the string of units that accomplish a specific function in the application are tested.

    Thread testing and incremental testing is usally used in conjention and are utilized together. For example,

    "Units can undergo incremental testing until enough units are integrated and a single business function performing specific task can be tested, threading through the integrated components."

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    In simple terms, when testers focus on testing individual Logical execution paths in context of entire system, it is called as Thread Testing.

    It is also an Integration Testing methodology that is gaining popularity. Infact there is an entire Thread-Based Approach to Testing which is used by Large Projects which are really time-constrained.

    Basically the application is broken down to Logical executable threads and each thread's ownership is assigned to a Developer - Tester combination. Each Thread has a status associated with it for a particular build. The thread enters the "TESTABLE" state once developer releases to an Integration build.

    We can maintain a shared DB to keep track of all the Threads that have been conjured as a result of breaking down the application.

    At further stages, Integrating individual threads is carried out which would be called as Integrated Thread Testing.


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    Re: Thread testing

    Hi Umesh,

    can you give an example of how an application can be broken down into threads?

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