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Thread: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

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    Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

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    Red face As i can tell .. you could have atleast searched in Google :P


    C is a Structural Programming Language.
    Were as C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language.

    C programs are difficult to use in modular development method than in C++.

    In C program structures cannot contain member function were as in C++ structures can contain member function.

    C has no templates.

    This will give the most significant differences between the two languages.

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    Re: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    C was the C++ predecessor. As it's name implies, alot of C remains in C++. Although not actually being more powerful than C, C++ allows the programmer to more easily manage and operate with Objects, using an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept.

    C++ allows the programmer to create classes, which are somewhat similar to C structures. However, to a class can be assigned methods, functions associated to it, of various prototypes, which can access and operate within the class, somewhat like C functions often operate on a supplied handler pointer.

    Although it is possible to implement anything which C++ could implement in C, C++ aids to standarize a way in which objects are created and managed, whereas the C programmer who implements the same system has alot of liberty on how to actually implement the internals, and style among programmers will vary alot on the design choices made.

    In C, some will prefer the handler-type, where a main function initializes a handler, and that handler can be supplied to other functions of the library as an object to operate on/through. Others will even want to have that handler link all the related function pointers within it which then must be called using a convention closer to C++.

    C++ applications are generally slower at runtime, and are much slower to compile than C programs. The low-level infrastructure for C++ binary execution is also larger. For these reasons C is always commonly used even if C++ has alot of popularity, and will probably continue to be used in projects where size and speed are primary concerns, and portable code still required (assembly would be unsuitable then).

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    Post Re: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    Hy Prachi
    what the above member say i am Agree with you
    If you want the Programmetical difference then do one thing
    write a Simplest program you know in TC editor and save this file with ".C " Extension then execute it it will execute

    and save this same Program with CPP it will execute successfully
    now change your editor to TC 2.0 or lower and do same then you will find that Cpp file can`t run on that editor of C

    then the program written in c will execute on C++ compiler but the c++ program cannot bo compile on C Compiler

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    Re: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    - it is structure oriented program
    - it does not provide polymorphism.
    - all varibles must be declared at the top
    - it doesn't provide exception handling.
    - no communication between methods

    - object oriented programming language, which means every method and variables are accessed through objects.
    - it provides encapsulation,inheritence and polymorphism.
    - varaibles are declared any where in the program (reusability).
    - it provides exption handling.
    - there is a comunication between classes.

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    Re: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    There is no explicit pointers concept like c in c++.

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    Re: Detailed differance in C language and C++ language?

    C is procedure oriented language whereas C++ is oop's(Object oriented lang).So,C++ supports all the features of oops like an capsulation,polymorphism and abstraction etc.
    Another diff is that c is middle level language where as c++ is high level language.
    Best of luck

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