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Thread: what is a type3 driver in java

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    what is a type3 driver in java

    hi all can u help me to describe what is a type3 driver and how it is used?

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    Re: what is a type3 driver in java

    Net Protocol-Pure Java
    You can also create your own Type 3 Drivers

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    Re: what is a type3 driver in java

    IntermediateDataAccess Driver is the type 3 driver it is used as a middle ware as they have the ability to connect multiple clients with multiple servers.
    BEAWeblogic servers use trhis type of driver.

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    Re: what is a type3 driver in java

    Type 3 : The Net Protocol java driver: It follows a three tiered approach whereby the jdbc database requests are passed through the network to the middle-tier
    server.The middle tier server then translates the request directly or directly to the database-specific native -connectivity interface to further the request to the
    database server
    The Net Protocol Java Driver makes use of of a middle tier between the calling program and the database.

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