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Thread: What is the command

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    What is the command

    What is the command that I can use in Linux to list the directory name alone. Could someone help me out in this?

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    Re: What is the command

    You can use the option –d or the directory command line option with the ls command. Suppose you want to list the directory names alone starting with a in directory /usr/x you can do that as follows:
    ls –d /use/x/a*

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    Re: What is the command

    In linux there is no direct way of listing directories,hence we combine the ls command with grep and type as follows:

    1. use ls -l with grep
    2. use find -type d

    Example: -l | grep "^d" -The simple way to list just directories, is using ls -l pipe with grep
    2.find -L -maxdepth 1 -type d -name
    here -L is to show also for the symbolic link to directory, -maxdepth limit the search up to only 1 level, -type d indicates that the file must be directory.

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