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Thread: calculate mximum number of testcases

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    calculate mximum number of testcases

    suppose If we want to test one application in a short span of time then we are concentrating on main functionalities of that application right....but the number of main functionalities which are need to be test are say 4000 at that time how do we calculate maximum number of testcases to test that application?

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    Re: calculate mximum number of testcases

    The total number of test cases that has to be written entirely depends on the depth of the requirements. Also the derived test cases depends on the effieciency of the testing team who involves in generating the test cases. We cannot freeze on the count of the test cases, it only depends on the complexity of the test cases. But in minimum there will be atleast one test case that has to be written for one requirement even only the main functionalites are to be tested.

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    Re: calculate mximum number of testcases

    Take the first priority of major business scinario's of client.

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