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Thread: Oracle Inbuild function to create INSERT script ?

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    Oracle Inbuild function to create INSERT script ?

    Hi, i need a function in which i ll pass (table_name,col_wanted,col_unwanted) and this function will create a insert scripts for that tables having columns which is passed as col_wanted for all data which is available in table . Is there any oracle inbuild function which wll create insert scripts for that table and for that data. Waititng

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    Re: Oracle Inbuild function to create INSERT script ?

    I don't think Oracle is having an inbuild function for this. But you can easily do this using TOAD. (This is a quest software available for Oracle.)
    Open a Scheme browser in TOAD and choose the table and go to Data tab. there right click and choose create insert for all rows. In the dialogue box opened, you can give the row and column constraints.

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    Re: Oracle Inbuild function to create INSERT script ?

    There is no inbuilt function available in oracle. You third party tools as already suggested by our valuable member or try to write your own function for the purpose.

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