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Thread: Memory allocation

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    Memory allocation

    What is the difference between C dynamic memory allocation, C++ dynamic memory allocation and Java memory allocation?

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    Re: Memory allocation

    hi friends

    Operators new and delete are exclusive of C++. They are not available in the C language. But using pure C language, dynamic memory can also be used through the functions malloc, calloc, realloc and free, defined in C++ in the <cstdlib> header file, and since C++ is a superset of C, these functions are also available to C++ programmers

    The memory blocks allocated by these functions are not necessarily compatible with those returned by new, so each one should be manipulated with its own set of functions or operators.

    C :Use "malloc", "calloc" and "free":
    C++:Use "new" and "delete":

    hope this will be useful


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    Re: Memory allocation

    In c, memory allocated by calling methods such as malloc(), calloc(), and realloc().. deallocation is occured by free().
    In c++, memory allocated by new Operator. deallocation is occured by delete().
    In java, memory allocated by new Operator. deallocation is occured automatically.

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    Re: Memory allocation

    hi viewers,
    In c++for memory allocation we are using new,delete
    for memory allocation we are using new,
    for memory deallocation delete keyword is used
    but in c we are using malloc,calloc,realloc,free.
    the purpose of malloc is allocating memory,
    realloc is used for reallocating ,
    calloc is used for adding new memory ,
    for deleteing we are using free function.the major diffrence is in c++ the new operator do the all operations like malloc,calooc,dealloc........................................

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    Re: Memory allocation

    Also adding to the above...
    In c++ for dynamic memory allocation we use new and delete operator...
    we can customize (overload these operators) to meet our goals....
    i think in c we can not do this ....
    correct if i m wrong.....

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