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Thread: Winrunner doesn't record the message typed

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    Winrunner doesn't record the message typed

    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to learn web testing using winrunner 8.
    I used web_browser_invoke to open a yahoo web page and recorded the steps of entering login id and password -login-click compose -write address in 'To' and 'hi' in 'Subject ' edit boxes-pressed tab to go to message area.
    but winrunner doesn't record the message typed say for example 'Test mail' and it doesn't even recognise that area (or edit box whatever it's called where we type message).

    How can i test that it will take the message entered? How to make it to recognise?

    And later, after sending the mail, I have to check whether that mail is in 'Sent ' folder.
    I couldn't able to do this.
    Please somebody help me to do this successfully .

    Question asked by visitor shobha

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    Re: Winrunner doesn't record the message typed

    set_window("learn the window name of the browser that you have opened",10);
    web_link_click("Write Mail");
    set_window("Welcome to Rediffmailif it is rediff",10);
    edit_set("To","your email address");
    edit_set("subject","See in the Sent Items");

    This should help you get started.

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