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Thread: Not able to get java applet recognised

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    Not able to get java applet recognised

    I am not able to get java applet recognised with the silk test tool.
    Can any one pls tell me if some workaround is there to make it work?

    The tool is reconising the window, but not the contents within that window(like buttond and menu, dropdowns etc.).

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    Re: Not able to get java applet recognised

    The following is one of the solutions for recognize Java menus in Silk Test.

    Recognizing Java Foundation Class objects (JFCs) in Silk Test:

    The following settings have to be done to recognize JFC objects in Silk Test
    (IE6 DOM).

    1. Copy the SilkTest_Java3.jar file from SilkTest\JavaEx folder to the JRE\ lib\ext

    2. Rename the file access3.prop in the Silk Test folder to accessibility. Properties.

    3. Copy the accessibility. Properties file from Silk Test folder to JRE\lib folder.

    4. Copy the files qapjconn.dll and qapjarex.dll from Silk Test\Extend folder to
    Windows\System32 folder.

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    Re: Not able to get java applet recognised


    I was informed that the front end will be .Net c# and the middel tier is java, but while enabling the extensions, it shows as standalone Java application ... please let me know what is the reason behind that.... Thanks in advance.

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