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    Q1 what is the difference between ordbms and rdbms?

    Q2 what is triggers and procedures?

    Q3. what is the defination of database?

    Q4. what is listener and how it work?

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    Re: ordbms

    Welcome to GeekTalk.

    You have reached the right place for knowledge shairing.

    Here you will find a vast resource of related topics and code.

    Feel free to post more doubts/questions in the forum.

    But before that give a try from your side and if possible try to post what/how you have approached to solve the problem.

    It will help Experts in the forum in solving/underestanding your problem in a better way.

    Please follow the posting guidelines in every new post/reply.

    Your question is too much theoritical ,it is beyond the scope of this discussion to explain all that here.
    You can easily find solutions to all that by following any good book or material or by a little web searching.



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