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Thread: How to reset authorization settings of QC

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    Post How to reset authorization settings of QC

    Can any one help to reset the Authentication settings of Mercury Quality centre.
    I logged in as administrator and chose authentication option as LDAP and did not import any user list.
    I tried to re login to QC but login has failed due following error.

    Failed to Login;
    Failed while trying to locate user in LDAP server (missing LDAP import settings). Please contact the site administrator to resolve the problem.;
    Application Parameter 'DIRECTORY_PROVIDER_IMPORT_URL' does not exist;

    Now I am not in a position to revert the LDAP Authentication setting.
    It will be great if any one can help on this.
    Environment: windows XP and Mercury Quality centre 9.0

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    Re: How to reset authorization settings of QC

    Change authenitication from LDAP to Quality Center from the database schema

    If you cannot access the database schema, please contact your Database Administrator.

    1. Access qcsiteadmin_db schema.
    2. Select the PARAMS table.
    3. Change the PARAM_VALUE from "LDAP" to "QualityCenter" for the PARAM_NAME "AUTHENTICATION."
    4. Restart the Quality Center service or the server machine.

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