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Thread: Format specifiers in C

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    Format specifiers in C

    Some of the format specifiers which I am aware of in C is %d, %f, %s, %c.Is there any other format specifier available? If so let me know about it.

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    Re: Format specifiers in C

    Janelyn there are yet many format specifiers apart from the one mentioned by you. They are
    %c single character
    %d and %i both used for integer type
    %u used for representing unsigned integer
    %o octal integer unsigned
    %x,%X used for representing hex unsigned integer
    %e, %E, %f, %g, %G floating type
    %s strings that is sequence of characters

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    format specifiers for integer data type

    short signed %d or %i
    short unsigned %u
    long signed %ld
    long unsigned %lu
    unsigned hexadecimal %x
    unsigned octal %o

    format specifiers for real data type

    float %f
    double %lf

    format specifiers for character/string data type

    signed character %c
    unsigned character %c
    string %s

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