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Thread: Needed Tips for Database users

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    Cool Needed Tips for Database users

    Can someone give suggestions that database users have to bear in mind while using or creating or accessing database? Say like tips for database users.

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    Re: Needed Tips for Database users

    There are various hints and guidelines a programmer or database user has to bear in mind while using or creating or accessing database. Some of them are given below:
    * Database Design is the heart of database. So this has to be designed properly taking all needs and functionality into consideration in the initial stage itself as modification to the design stage would increase the cost and complexity of the database application in addition to adding work overload to the database users.
    * Proper and standardized naming convention has to be decided and this has to be followed throughout. This is very important as this helps to achieve standardization and helps the database application to be maintained easily for further usage.
    * Wherever possible it is always good to use system tables directly. Only in situation of where system tables could not be used avoid the usage of system tables.
    * Though complete normalization cannot be achieved it is always best to achieve at least till third normal level. Also keep in mind to give room for de-normalization to certain level as this helps the query processing to be done fast.
    * Always document properly in SQL triggers, procedures and batch files as this would help all users to know the functionality of written triggers or procedures or batch files and make use of them at appropriate places without rewriting them in different manner again. This approach would also help in future maintenance.
    * Always in database operations users must aim for best performance achievement. This can be achieved by using less Input Output operations. One way for achieving this is use only needed attributes or column names in select statement and avoid using select * in select statement unless the usage of all column in the table is very much needed.
    * A good database design would definitely have a primary key designed in it. So when there is choice between using while looping structure and cursors it is always better to go for while structure rather than cursors. Also one important point to bear in mind while using the while looping construct is include primary key in the same while querying.
    * It is always best to avoid temporary table. This would decrease the table scan and there by input and output operations and there by improve the performance of the database application.

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