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Thread: How to generate a PAGE BRAKER, How it is used?

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    How to generate a PAGE BRAKER, How it is used?

    Can someone explain me about PAGE BRAKER and how do we use it and generate a page braker?

    Question asked by visitor ajay

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    The concept of page breaker W.R.T cognos is used to dispay the details of the particular dimension in a separate page.lets suppose one of the report displays all the product lines,product types ,product types and sold quantity.once you run the report the details of the next product get displayed as soon as the first product ends which looks ugly to the user.Instead of displaying in the same page the second product can be displayed in the new page .

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    Re: How to generate a PAGE BRAKER, How it is used?

    Steps: How to use page break in cognos8.
    1. Create a list report in Report Studio that has 3 columns in it. For example, Product line, type and name.
    2. Group the report on Product line.
    3. Click the Page Explorer select Report Pages.
    4. From the Insertable Objects window, drag a Page Set object, above Page 1 in the Report Pages frame.
    5. Click Page Set1 on the Report Pages Frame, and then select Query1 from the query section under Page Set Properties frame.
    6. Click the Ellipsis button beside the Grouping and Sorting property.
    7. Drag and drop Product line from the Data Items side to the Groups folder and click OK.
    8. Back in Page Explorer, Report Page view, click and drag Page1 and drop it on Details Pages under Page Set1.

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