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Thread: copy the Table Structure

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    copy the Table Structure

    I want to copy the structure & all constrains of one table into other table.

    There is any Direct query is there without using Sql Scirpt???

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    Re: copy the Table Structure

    You have a function called as copy function in SQL server which you can use to copy the structure and all constrains of one table into other table. If you want to make a clone of the same table with structure, constraints and data you can make use of clone function available with SQL server.

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    Re: copy the Table Structure

    create table tablename 1 from select * from tablename2

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    Re: copy the Table Structure

    Using INTO we can copy..

    SELECT TOP 0 * INTO New_Table_Name From Old_Table_Name

    The Above query will come only the structure for the table..

    If U want to copy with the data then remove the "Top 0 "..

    SELECT * INTO New_Table_Name FROM Old_Table_Name

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