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    Hi Everyone

    I would like to go for ISTQB certification can anyone help how to proceed what is the advantages of certification

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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Hi chandrasekhar.t,

    Explore this site and you will get every information regarding ISTQB.You can also download the syllabus for ISTQB cerfication from this site.

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    Smile Re: Hi Everyone

    There are lot of advantages if you hold certification in ISTQB. ISTQB is providing certifications in two levels - foundation and advanced level. To start off with you can apply for foundation level. Today most of the top tire companies when they recruit software test engineers they look for whether the candidate hold either CSTE or ISTQB certification. For writing the examination you can register in the ISTQB website where you can find the syllabus for both the levels. If you work for any organisation and you write and clear the exam you can reimburse the amount which you paid as fees (Rs. 4000 for foundation level and most of the companies will reimburse). For writing this exam you should have very good knowledge of testing process, procedures, standards, metholodogies, types of testing, CMMI standards, Risk validation techniques etc., All the best for the preperation to write ISTQB.

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    Re: Hi Everyone


    To be able to compare testing skills across different countries
    Testers would be able to move across country borders more easily
    European/multinational/international projects would have a common understanding of testing issues
    Increased number of qualified testers in the world
    More impact/value from an internationally based scheme than from any country-specific scheme
    Development of a common body of understanding and knowledge about testing, through the syllabus & terminology, increase the level of knowledge about testing for all participants
    Promote testing as a profession
    Economy of scale, increased efficiency and economic benefits (re-use of syllabus and exam questions, reduction in cost per country don't have to re-invent wheels)
    More people available (more resources) to develop common material (exam questions, syllabi)
    Testers don't need to know English in order to gain a recognized qualification
    Less cultural bias in the qualification
    International recognition of testers from a broad-based international scheme, international recognition of the qualification due to participation from many countries
    Economic benefits for testing-related suppliers such as training providers, consultants, etc. in all participating countries

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