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Thread: How to do batch test in QTP

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    How to do batch test in QTP

    How to do batch test in QTP? Is that option available? WHere? Can anyone explain this.

    Question asked by visitor CCSQ

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    Re: How to do batch test in QTP

    Batch testing is nothing but, forming a logical hierarchy of test cases (scripts) that are executed in the order required one calling the other.

    Its not a menu option that we need to use for it. Its a CALL statement that helps achieve this.

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    What is the use of Virtual object

    Pls any one explain with example about virtual objects using QTP

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    Re: How to do batch test in QTP

    To make it more Simple you can use the test Batch runner or Multi test manager from Mercury Test Batch Runner comes bundelled with QTP where as you need to download MTM from Mercury its free and more easy to use.


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    Re: How to do batch test in QTP

    Yes as sutnarcha, kunal has suggested we can work on either way to run testscripts in batch mode.

    I've worked in multitest manager and it really works fine.
    I've used call statements in scripts by calling the scripts one after the other sequentially. But the only problem in call statement is if one script fails it doesn't continue with the next ordered testscripts.

    Apart from the above set of ways. We can also make use of Qualitycenter to order the testscripts in TestSets and run the test set to run in batch mode. But before this we need to order the testscripts in order.

    Finally we can get the test reports. More convienent we can configure the mail..etc


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    Smile Re: How to do batch test in QTP

    we have good process in qtp for batch testing follow this process

    u will get test batch runner screen there u will add tests for execution click run.

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