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Thread: How to record Macro media Flash??

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    Question How to record Macro media Flash??

    Is there any Add-in for Macro media flash player available.....?
    The QTP does'nt run Macro media flash player object which it records...
    Is there any solution to this problem?

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    Wink Re: How to record Macro media Flash??

    The same problem I am also facing when I was recording for my application which is developed using Flex(Adobe).
    But,I found a solution for that.QTP9.1 or above supports this type of technologies like macromedia and flex etc.
    In order to work upon we need to get installed some QTP plugins for the specific technologies.

    For Flex,Adobe is providing one Plugin.I have installed that onto my machine.But for some objects, QTP is identifying them as text Area and recording them with screen co-ordinates.When I run specific script for multiple ietrations,the script is failing since QTP is not identifying those objects even though those objects are stored in Repository.

    Let me know If u found any soolution for this..

    Kishore G

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    Re: How to record Macro media Flash??

    When you are recording on Flex objects, you have to go back to the coding also and see what is the hierarchy of objects defined. QTP along with Flex -addin does not record the whole hierarchy of objects.
    In case the script fails at the run-time, make sure that you have made regular expressions for certain properties.

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