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Thread: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?

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    Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing? If Yes then explain in Detail with example.

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    Re: A Question Related to Testing

    Not at all. we can't merge intergaratin testing and system testing.

    Integration Testing

    The purpose of integration testing is that integration of and communication between components.
    In addition to test intgration of subsystems or communication between external systems.
    This testing may be done by developers, team lead, project manager, and cofigeration managemetn team.
    Some times this testing can be devided into two parts

    1. Assembly testing: is to test whether all sofware components(related to that project) are integrated or not
    2. System integration testing : is to test whether the communication is going on external applications or not.

    For example, on a project to develop a set of EJBs for use by external applications, assembly testing could be done to test the integration of the EJBs and the components from which they are built, and system integration could be done to test communication between the EJBs and the external applications.

    System Testing

    The objectives of system testing are to find defects that are attributable to the behavior of the system as a whole, rather than the behavior of individual components, and to test that the software functions as a complete system.

    This level of testing is different from integration testing in that the tests are concerned with the entire system, not just the interactions between components.

    Other than system functionality and behavior, system testing may include testing configuration, throughput, security, resource utilization, and performance.

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    Re: A Question Related to Testing

    Yes, I agree with bharathi,

    The objectives of these 2 testing techniques are largely varying. They are mostly carried out by 2 different testing teams if financially feasible for the organization. Else, they are carried-out as 2 different phases of the s/w testing process in STLC.

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    Lightbulb Re: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?

    Then Wat SIT (System Integration Testing) refers to

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    Re: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?

    I agree that we can not merge the Integration and system testing togather. They both have different goal and objectives.

    Integration testing is to chek that the all modules are working correctly and donot have any conflict in their functionality while intracting with the other module.It occurs after unit testing and before system testing. Integration testing takes as its input modules that have been unit tested, groups them in larger aggregates, applies tests defined in an integration test plan to those aggregates, and delivers as its output the integrated system ready for system testing.

    System testing is performed on the entire system in the context of a Functional Requirement Specification(s) (FRS) and/or a System Requirement Specification (SRS). System testing is an investigatory testing phase, where the focus is to have almost a destructive attitude and tests not only the design, but also the behaviour and even the believed expectations of the customer. It is also intended to test up to and beyond the bounds defined in the software/hardware requirements specification(s).

    System integration testing is the integration testing of two or more system components. Specifically, system integration testing is the testing of software components that have been distributed across multiple platforms (e.g., client, web server, application server, and database server) to produce failures caused by system integration defects (i.e., defects involving distribution and back-office integration)

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    Re: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?

    Quote Originally Posted by ilangomani View Post
    then wat sit (system integration testing) refers to
    simple defn for sit is system integration testing (sit) verifies the proper execution of software components and proper interfacing between components within the solution. The objective of sit testing is to validate that all software module dependencies are functionally correct and that data integrity is maintained between separate modules for the entire solution.

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    Re: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?


    It depends on SDLC followed for the project. We can merge both.

    For example:

    If we are using Big Bang model or Code and Fix model, we merge both and design test cases for both at system level.

    But if we are following Spiral model, We can't merge it, we will test each unit, then integrate with new unit and then integration testing , following same, in last system testing.


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    Re: Can we Merge Integration Testing and System Testing?

    We cannot merge both testing,because every phase having own goals.
    find the below mentioned one:
    Integration Testing : In every application we initially implement small Sub-functionalities and integrate make it a big functionality...

    So main purpose of testing here is to check whether the integration is done correctly and verifying dependencies between the small sub-functionality

    Note: need not be sub-functionality at times we do it when we integrate 2 or more applications

    System Testing : Here in application is viewed in terms of Functionality...... we see Complete functionality as whole...we never consider the sub-functionality.....

    So we test the flow of the system which means verifying the functionality of system

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