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Thread: Creating a detail object

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    Creating a detail object

    Why should we create a detail object separaely that can be defined as a dimension object also

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    Re: Creating a detail object

    First do you know what is the detail object ...........
    it always associate with dimension suppose I have a customer that is dimension and his address and phone no. is detail whenever I pulled the data of some XX customer I always get the detail of XX customer if I put it as a dimension it wont come like that........

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    Re: Creating a detail object

    well, there is 1 strong reason for it. say, i've customer name & ph_no as dimensions, BOBJ will try to calculate for both these objects if included in single query.
    If you are aware about calculation contexts, you will quickly realize the impact of this behaviour. BOBJ will distinguish all measures included in query by ph_no too. it means more processing, lesser performance & ambiguity.
    apperently,if u define ph_no as detail, BOBJ will never consider it for the calculations & hence improving reliability.

    hope i've made my point clear.

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