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Thread: Dashboard tab in QC Window

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    Dashboard tab in QC Window

    I have been using QC for past 6 months, but have never worked with Dashboard tab. Can anyone please help me out to understand what is actually done in Dashboard.

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    Re: Dashboard tab in QC Window

    for application readiness and manage the project risks

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    Re: Dashboard tab in QC Window

    Dashboard in management analysis tool. You need to have license for it apart from QC licenese. It uses Quality Center data and generate graph on base of the available data for project analysis.

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    Quality center dashboard provides Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) in real-time, enabling users to make informed, accurate decisions about application deployment readiness.

    Quality center dashboard provides a complete, real-time business view into it operations. The dashboard enables to:

    manage the risk of mission-critical applications.
    rapidly recognize and resolve application delivery issues.
    measure application delivery effectiveness across projects, to determine best practices.

    Dashboard works by taking information from testdirector and turns it into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are graphically displayed via a web browser. The dashboard uses the KPIs to automatically analyze the project readiness data, and to show the overall health of a project in real-time.

    The dashboard tells you how to measure projects by automating the process of continuously gathering the data behind the KPIs and normalizing data to enable cross-project analysis. It also helps to decide what to measure by providing pre-built kpis that can be modified, as well as by helping you create your own kpis from scratch.

    Customization might be based on the role someone plays in the organization or on the projects someone manages. For example, a QA engineer might be interested in different KPIs than a performance engineer. The end result is that it project teams can quickly as certain project status and know when projects are ready for deployment.

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