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Thread: Need help about QTP...........

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    Talking Need help about QTP...........

    hi guys,

    i am very new to QTP . how can i improve my Scripting knowledge? should i know VB Script? Even i have no idea about VB also.What should i do ? Please, give your Voluable Suggestion as quiock as possible .................

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    No need of idea about vb

    It is a silmple way like
    Parent method value
    like that we have many syntaxes
    plz follow that
    if not give ur mail id
    i will mail u all the syntax

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    Re: Need help about QTP...........

    Dont Worry
    Just go ahead and study the HELP file of QTP. you will get answers to most of your queries.
    Else, whenever you have some specific query post it here. Will try and solve them

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