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Thread: Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

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    Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

    question asked by visitor senan marian i completed my btech in agricukuture in 2005 and then i completed my pgdca in 2006 after that i did my dot net and php, i am working as customer care executive (as a lead specialist ) since jan 9 2006, i am looking for job in software / can u help me to prepare a detail resume

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    Re: Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

    Sure senan marian. I will help you in preparing detailed resume of yours. For that I need more detailed information from you about your job responsibilities you have handled till now and any other relevant details you want to put in resume. After you post the same in brief here I will prepare detailed resume for you.

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    Now, as someone who has been duped by so many resume writing services and have spend upwards of $200 on them that I really just want to share what I've learned so that not everyone goes through it like I did.

    Out of all of the extensive resume sites that I've used and tested, the best from personal experience is

    It has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend that you at least check it out. Best of luck to everyone!

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    Re: Can you help me prepare a detail resume?

    yes, you can prepare a good resume for your career. look for career change resumes on google and you will find a detail advice on how to prepare a resume for specific career and career change. also search for resume examples and resume cover letter examples on google. i hope you get the required information.

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