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Thread: What is navigation testing?

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    What is navigation testing?

    What is navigation testing? Is functional, integration, system, regression, peformance and load testings come under black box testings?
    As i am new to this field please help me by giving the answer in detail...

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    Re: What is navigation testing?

    Yes, the functional, integration, system, regression, performance and load testing all come under black box testing.

    I guess Navigation testing is to test whether the availability levels of various options and features in the s/w are at the acceptable navigation depth levels or not.

    Eg: In MSWord application, the Cliparts option is available at level 3.

    i.e. Insert --> Picture --> Clip Art.

    Navigation depth level 3 is internationally acceptable. Anything more then 3 in navigation depth level may not be noticed by the end users or may cause confusions. Testing is done to avoid such unacceptable depth in navigation.

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    Re: What is navigation testing?

    Navigation testing confirm that all internal and external links are working properly.There is no any broken link or orphan page in application.Functional, integration, system, regression, performance and load testings come under black box testings.Functional, integration testing is done in white box also.

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