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    Hi Guys, wat is meant by CIDR......then its use............

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    Re: Cidr

    CIDR stands for classless inter-domain routing.
    Previously IP addresses were managed by organisations on the basis of classes.
    There are mainly four classes of IP addresses (Class A-D)
    Each class specifies number of hosts that can be present on the network. Class B was the most used one. e.g.
    Class # Network Bits # Hosts Bits Subnet mask
    Class B 16 bits 16 bits

    A class B address means maximum number of 2^16=655535 host addresses for each N/w address. But the Classes used meant wastage of IP addresses.

    Therefore CIDR was introduced in which network bits can be assigned values according to usage e.g. means that network address is and hosts range from BGP/OSPF/ISIS supports CIDR.

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    Re: Cidr

    CIDR means classless Inter Domain Routing

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