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Thread: Learning of HTML...........?

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    Question Learning of HTML...........?

    hi frnds,
    can u help me out in giving the guide lines regarding learning HTML as I'm the begginer to this field.............plz...!

    Thanking U in Advance.....!!

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    Re: Learning of HTML...........?

    hi avr,

    goto site. Its very useful to learn HTML for beginner.


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    Re: Learning of HTML...........?

    ya w3school gives the best tutorial for the beginners and this tutorial is as per standards also.If you follow that your HTML will be according to standards and will be ranked more by search engines like google.

    if you will do google search you will get some more good link also.

    for advance tutorial click this link

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    Re: Learning of HTML...........?

    As you learn from w3school, one thing I suggest you to do is, to keep a record of each of the tag that you learn in HTML. Make a table on the spread sheet or so with the columns like Sl. No., Name, Tag open, Tag Close, Tag Sintax, Description, Example. Every time you encounter a new tag, just add a record to this table and save it for future reference. This will help you a lot when in need.

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    Re: Learning of HTML...........?

    IF you want learn online than W3schools is the best otherwise there are many e-books available.Just remember tags and property of tags you will learn fast and get idea how to use to design websites.

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