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Thread: What is a bug for WinRunner?

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    What is a bug for WinRunner?

    What is a bug for WinRunner? If for example a control is added in the new version of an application, is that not a bug for WinRunner? Are only failing checkpoints bugs for WR?

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    Re: What is a bug for WinRunner?

    Hai eiman,

    This is Vasu from hyderabad, first of all what is bug, the mistake which the tester found in the application while testing is called bug, Where that particular bug can be modified by the developer later after getting involved. Ok. Then here the bug is nothing but, as a tester we have to test the application is functioning properly or not according to the requirments(User Requirments mentioned in SRS), then here the bug is the mistake which is violating with the requirments, if we add any control or controls in our application also if that particular controls are not effecting the other modules or objects in the modules definetly it is not a bug, it should work its own functionality properly, that's it..


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    Re: What is a bug for WinRunner?

    In winrunner we add the checkpoint which if fails result the script to fail.
    As per your example if a control is added in the new version of an application, then that is not a bug for winrunner because winrunner will not even search for this.Winrunner search for only those objects which are learned in TSL.

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    Re: What is a bug for WinRunner?

    Bug is a product anomaly. In simple terms if the applications deviate from the requirements then it is defined as a Bug. If a control is added in the new version, and if this is not present in the specification then it is definitely a Bug. The script should be modified in such a way that the WinRunner should check for the new control added to the application by means of GUI Checkpoint and the execution of the test script should fail as the control is not mentioned in the requirement. The execution should pass if the control is added in the newer version as per the specifications.

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