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Thread: My request

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    My request

    hi admin
    I think this GD(this weeks) topic should be reviewed! Iam not able to understand what we are expected to say! I am not getting any idea about this!

    Also i think, many are not able to get this topic, thats why ,even after so many views no one has given their view.

    I think its better to have general topics !Atleast it should be conducted too, along with technical GD

    See, its better(i think most of them would like) to have general topic and see active paticipation of members(will surely help the bulk members of this community,who are freshers) rather than having vague topics(may be techncial but still not of much use) and no views from others!
    Iam not telling that TEchnical GD is not required, but it should be conducted along with general GD.
    Keeping general topics will surely encourage members (atleast new members/freshers)to participat more! And if we see others actively participating, it can really motivate us to participate more!Iam simply telling this for making this site more useful to freshers(major community)!



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    Re: My request

    Hello there,

    I agree with you... I have just sent you private message.. Please send me your reply there..


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