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    Software Jobs

    Hi all,

    I'm Thaddeus Fernandes from gujarat. I've done M.Sc (Physics with electronis) & now doing MBA (2nd Yr) in gujarat. I would like to enter the software industry but i've got one doubt.

    R only engineers and BCA / MCA's allowed into the software industry or can people like me also enter.

    Moreover when are the internview's / exams conducted by companies like TCS and infosys. In gujarat there is very little awareness about such exams.

    It would be helpful if you could put some light on these aspects if possbible.

    There are no advts. available in times that talk about infosys recruitment or tcs. Then how can we know when the exams are conducted.

    Plz do let me know if you have any info.

    thaddeus fernandes
    Mobile +91-9898223427

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    Re: Software Jobs


    There is no need to be MCA or BE Computers as long as you have computer skills.... even myself was MBA but after the computer training I got into software field...

    You just have to start learning and practice if you really want to get in to software field... there are lot of websites who post these kind of information about campus interviews... you just have to be in groups and keep in touch with friends ...

    the more active in any forums or sites.. the more exposure you get...

    trying to help other in forums and participating in discussion really helps with writing skills and communication skills... which is very important for you to get job in any industry...

    Hope this helps..


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    Re: Software Jobs


    Intresting. you have done MSc in Physics and Electronics. This is a great advantage to enter into Software field. Also you are pursing MBA which is another great advantage. If you are intrested in S/W testing, please do it
    There is trmendous scope in this field. Recent article shows there is growth in S/W testing and it will increase in upcoming year. By 2010 it will be upto $13 business in India as per article.

    Do some certifications in Testing and go for it.
    Financial and Banking

    These are some domaina those have trmendous scope


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    Re: Software Jobs

    nee d a information abt off campus..

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