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Thread: Latest version & Features

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    Latest version & Features

    Hi ,

    Can anyone tell me what is latest version of DB2 ?

    What are the advance and enhance feature it has ?


    Nikhil Rattan

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    Re: Latest version & Features

    hi nikhil

    this site will help you lot! I read it,liked it so asking you to read it!

    Keeping up with the latest and greatest DB2 updates



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    Re: Latest version & Features

    I guess the v8.1 is the latest runing live in many production environments. V9.0 is to be released soon. Some of v 8.0 features include
    Longer names (string names,table,index,predicate) with the max length of SQL upto 2MB. Can have Expressions in GROUP BY, Recursive SQL, qualified INSERT & UPDATE (like we do for SELECT in earlier versions), Multiple DISTINCT and Common table Expressions to name a few.

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    Re: Latest version & Features

    Hi dminjur,
    you have definitely listed out some of the features of V8, but V9 has released and i am positive that it is already into production systems, though i am not working on V9 right now.
    So let me list out some of the main features of V9 -->

    It has Incorporated Range Partitioning along with Database Partitioning, now Table can be partitioned depending upon the Range of particular columns which makes the retreival of the data lot more easier.
    New feature is Rowcompression, The RID has been increased and thus the Table sizes can grow upto Terabytes in V9 which was not the case in V8.
    And then there is new XML capability of V9. It has incorporated Native XML into the database and the XML documents can be directly stored and retreived from our db.
    Then there is STMM(self tuning Memory Management). Though Automatic storage option was there in DB2 v8.2, now in V9 there is a global Tuning Knob called STMM_MEMORY which you can turn on or off for Making the memory management automatic. I like this feature particularly.
    Then there are new Catalog Views that are incorporated to make the job of DBA easy..for example a Catalog table which Stores the History of the Database.

    Below is the link where you can find the Enhancements and Features in DB2 V9.


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    Re: Latest version & Features

    The answer to your question is, "It depends." When you asked your question in 12/06, the answer was 9.1 for UDB and 8.1 on DB2 z/OS.
    Since then 9.1 has gone GA for all platforms.

    To answer, "What has changed?" you will have to refer to the "release guide" for your platform & version. There are usually enough significant changes to warrant a complete book outlining those changes.
    (By the way, every new release on the mainframe will have it's own release guide. Not so with the lesser platforms.)


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    Re: Latest version & Features


    Apuna's answer looks good. I think db2 viper or version 9.5 is the latest version of db2 udb.



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