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Thread: Who is deleting my post and why ?

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    Who is deleting my post and why ?

    Hey admin, i have posted many post. Can you tell me who has deleted that and why. That 's not fair job done from admin. I was not expecting like that. I am really upset to deleting my post without informing me. Can any one answer me. Regards nikhil rattan

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    Re: Who is deleting my post and why ?

    Dear Members,

    Kindly Note,

    Messages that are not appropriate will be deleted.
    Messages that are irrelevant to the thread will be deleted.
    Messages that are not upto basic standard will be deleted.
    Messages that are poor in english, grammer, including those with extensive use of abbrevated texts will be deleted.

    If any such old messages still exisit in our forums, even they will be deleted when it comes to our notice.

    Initially Memebers will be informed or a reason will be quoted.
    If any members continue to post irrelevant, inappropriate, copied messages and or external links, the same will be deleted,
    No intimation will be given for deleting such messages.

    It is not the number of posts we are looking for, the value of members post is decided on its merit and usefulnes to other members.

    Please be considerate while addressing other Members and Moderators.


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