I am facing problem in installing QC 10.0
I am trying to install QC 10.0 on a virtual windows 2003 server . I installed SQL Server 2005 for database server and configured IIS also. I unable to install QC as its throwing a error. These are the steps i followed:

1. License Key: selected checkbox [Use Evaluation Key]
1.cluster configuration : firstnode/standalone
2.directory name : C:\Program Files\HP\Quality Center
3.application server configuration: Jboss application server
4.Jboss: Given Username,password,domain
5. webserver configuration :IIS
6:Installed websites : 1 default website
7.Mailserver properties :NONE
8.Database type properties: Microsoft SQL server(SQL server authentication)/Windows Authentication
9. Database server configuration :

Trail1: servername-localhost, data base admin username- sa,password-"not created any password while installing sqlserver 2005"

result:Validation message:
Failed to validate database parameters
(to disable this validator use argument -W dbValidatorSequence.active=false).
Low level reason: Failed to connect to database
[Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Login failed for user 'sa'.

Trail2: Selected Database type properties: Microsoft SQL server(Windows authentication)

result: you must run the installation with same username that is used to run JBOSS as a service.

Please help me...