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Thread: Implementing Web Application using AJAX

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    Implementing Web Application using AJAX

    Hello Friends,

    I am working on a new project... we have been discussing using AJAX in the project... Does it have any impact on how the search engines spider the sites... Is it going to affect ranking..?.

    Could some one explain me how it's useful to use AJAX in Web Applications...

    Thanks in advance...


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    AJAX Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML + CSS + ....
    Its a combination of technologies
    AJAX is mainly choosen for speed/performance advantages.
    There are several possible remedies, you need to select the best possible one that suits your situation.

    1. Having two sites, One for Ajax and another for web crawlers.
    (This may lead to what is termed as Cloaking)

    2. By puting a corresponding link in href and not following it.
    (This may lead to Overloading)

    3. Using Google Site Maps
    Google Site Maps allows you to tell Google about links that it would otherwise not discover.

    You can read full article on this question here...
    AJAX and the Search Engine Problems

    A white paper on this topic is available at

    Lokesh M.

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